iPad Marketing & Sales Technology


The smart revolution in marketing

Engage your Customers!

Activate your customers!

Develop innovative marketing ideas without technical limitations and integrate new technologies for effective demand analysis.

Smart documents, which can be customized by an AI, allow their customers to participate interactively in the decision-making process, but you set the rules!

Upgrade your POS Marketing!

Capture the needs of your customers in real time.

  • Guided Consultative Selling
  • Effektive Bottom Up Selling
  • Novelty Local Cross Selling

Integrate contextual sales aids and make your entire sales team an outperformer!

What is the smart revolution in marketing?


Innovative features enable a completely new marketing & sales experience.

At the beginning of the conversation


Each conversation partner has an iPad available.
Marketing materials can be shared locally and without further infrastructure on all participating iPads.
Involve everyone and leave you in charge.
Awareness is maximally increased by the natural discussion position.

Consulting instead of selling

LIVE Customer Analytics | KI | Smart Content

Guided Consultative Selling!

First of all, determine the needs of your interlocutors.
Have an AI help you to optimize your documents and the conversation.

Additional information tailored to customer needs will only be displayed to you.

Only qualified results are shown to the customer.

This procedure generates high relevance for the customer.

The customer becomes part of the action

Smart Content | Interactivity

Engage your Customers!

Involve all the conversation partners interactively and let them become part of the action:

- Query parameters
- Configure product
- gamification elements

This interactivity allows the customer to participate in the decision-making process and significantly increases the emotional attachment to the product.

The seller is not to be shaken

Guided Consultative Selling

TOP performance for the entire sales department!

Appropriate answers and alternative content are always accessible.

Extended view for leader: Additional information such as interview guidelines, benefit arguments and handling of objections are displayed appropriately.

All salespeople use all sales opportunities within the customer needs and are not to be shaken.

Individual remarks

Whiteboard | Share as PDF

With the whiteboard function you can write notes or annotations directly on marketing materials.

These are visible to everyone and can be shared with the documents as PDF files.

The sustainability is significantly increased.

Use findings immediately


Improve your Predictive Marketing!

Replay of collected data into CRM and AI, so that the entire sales team can benefit directly.

Analysis of the course of discussions to optimize the marketing documents.

Findings are immediately available as learnings.