The idea is to share content with surrounding iPads while maintaining control over the content.

All participants can use their own iPads to follow the actions of the discussion leader.

This is LIVE content sharing with the relleumSystem.

This feature is built into the relleumSystem and works everywhere and anytime. relleumSystem creates its own network so that you are independent from internet and WLAN.

All participants can interactively participate in the content and influence the further course of the conversation. This way the person leading the conversation receives important information “first hand” in the truest sense of the word. This possibility of interactive involvement of all participants increases the awareness to a maximum.

With the whiteboard function you can write notes or annotations directly on marketing materials.

After the interview, selected content including all comments can be sent as a PDF file.

As soon as the LIVE Content Sharing is terminated, the content is deleted from all participating iPads, ensuring that no content can get lost unintentionally and always remains under the control of the discussion leader.