Architects of marketing future

You want to implement your own app, but don’t want to create and maintain your own iPad app with cloud service?

Then we have the solution: relleumSystem.

You realize your ideas, relleumSystem takes care of the technology.

All content for relleumSystem is programmable with LUA. relleumSystem provides the framework to create complex applications. We continuously extend relleumSystem, so that there are always more elements available.

It is possible
– communicate with external data sources
– to use the camera e.g. for QR Codes
– save local data
– create gamification elements
– create effects
– create data driven Content e.g. for catalog systems
– to connect existing online systems

Data collected with relleumSystem Presenter can be transferred to external sources.

The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Create great documents and applications that open up completely new marketing opportunities.

Be the architect of the marketing future!