Content Creator Empowerment!

Content Creator – stronger and more powerful thanks to relleumSystem!

To offer something that has never been seen before!

relleumSystem provides you as a consultant, content creator or agency with a complete solution to create appealing and complex content for your customers with minimal effort.

The times when you had to develop and certify store apps to bring smart digital content to the iPads of a closed user group are finally over!

relleumSystem frees your digital content – and at the same time gives you the freedom to realize your creative ideas and the demanding visions of your customers without expensive experts or special software:

Easily create catchy presentations with impressive animations, multimedia overlays, interactions and other smart features.
Afterwards, these digital contents can be shared and used on two or more iPads: either offline, i.e. with several participants on site, or even worldwide via a company network!

When in use, your smart content can automatically collect data, such as logging the course of a conversation based on the screens called up or recording all the entries made by all participants. With the help of this data, the behavior of all participants can be analyzed after each conversation in order to identify and make the best possible use of optimization potential! relleumSystem offers you empowerment for the business intelligence of your customers’ future!

Expansion of the possibilities

With relleumSystem you can give completely new impulses in meetings and conferences!

By preserving the natural discussion situation, with active partners instead of passive listeners, with independence from stationary infrastructure and your ability to create interactive and smart documents and other content easily and quickly, relleumSystem creates a completely new feeling for you and your customers!

Once you have presented with relleumSystem, you will find conventional alternatives “unwieldy”. relleumSystem integrates your content so naturally into every conversation that you will wonder why this could not always be the case: Documents, presentations and other digital content are finally no longer an end in itself, but support you in communicating with your partners in a meaningful way – just like it was the original purpose of meeting documents!

More independent, more efficient and future-proof thanks to relleumSystem

The iPad app relleumSystem Presenter uses native code to display your smart content in contrast to the mass of applications that use a limited HTML viewer or display PDF documents.

This makes you independent from future changes or limitations of the HTML standard support on your iPad! relleumSystem makes your investment of time and work in your projects future-proof!

relleumSystem frees you and your customers from the limitations and disadvantages of simple container apps. Instead, your smart digital content benefits from all advantages of native apps: lower power consumption for longer runtimes, high performance for smooth animations, reactive operation and full access to all sensors including camera, acceleration/tilt sensors. Your relleumSystem contents “behave” completely as if you had written a complicated app!

In addition, many traditional “apps” only act as containers and can play HTML content. Such content is more complex to create than relleumSystem Content, offers less functionality – and is always subject to the risk that Apple limits the support of the HTML standard to prevent misuse of this interface.

In the worst case, after an iPadOS update, you might have to elaborately rework and adapt or even create all HTML content from scratch. relleumSystem, on the other hand, generates native code which is processed by relleumSystem Presenter in real-time. Before an iPadOS update, we check the need for changes and adapt the entire relleumSystem in advance so that you can continue to use your content without interruption or additional effort.

The digital app empowerment for all content creators

With relleumSystem every content creator can offer complex digital content for the iPad. You do not need programming skills or expensive training for special software. Despite its almost unlimited possibilities relleumSystem is easily accessible!

Our goal is that even Content Creators who have not offered mobile content up to now or who had to hire an external service provider with considerable additional costs will be able to produce sophisticated and smart digital content in-house and deliver it to their customers without external services – with relleumSystem.

Anyone who has already worked with an image processing program with pages and layers will be able to use the relleumSystem Designer immediately and without any training.
With the low code designer we have reduced the threshold for implementing meaningful interactivity and other smart features to a minimum. It is enough that you have an idea of what you want to do: The relleumSystem FlowDesigner helps you to implement it with an accessible graphical user interface!

No programming knowledge necessary

With the relleumSystem Designer you can create all imaginable contents. To illustrate processes and complex functionalities there is a low code editor.

With just a simple mouse click you can assign a certain behavior to each element of your smart digital content. For example, you can assign the behavior to a graphic that is to function as a button, call up another screen, make adjustments to visible elements and even “under the hood” trigger intelligent program actions “internally”.

Furthermore, all elements on each screen can be addressed dynamically. For example, a slider can be linked to the transparency value of another element. If you use the slider, the transparency value of the linked object changes. This function can be used, for example, to create complex overlay visualizations. All other properties of each element such as the horizontal or vertical position on the screen, the height and width of the object and even its rotation can be manipulated without programming knowledge using the low code editor.

But the powerful Designer and FlowDesigner not only give you full control, from simple page changes and influencing the properties of all elements on the screen to complex conditions for actions or the use of variables “under the hood”; they also allow you to access the sensors of your iPad. For example, instead of using a slider, you can also use the tilt sensor to manipulate an element on the screen – for example, to move it or change its transparency value. Access to GPS or camera is implemented as well as the recognition of the Apple Pencil and a whiteboard for annotations.
With this toolkit, the vast majority of all creative ideas and conceivable requirements for digital content for the iPad can be realized easily and without programming knowledge.

The revolutionary thing about the relleumSystem is:
All actions take place in real time and, if you wish, immediately affect the control, view and interactivity of the pads of all conversation partners. The person in charge of the conversation is always in full control!

Save time when creating smart content

With relleumSystem, content can be created directly “in the medium”, i.e. directly for the iPad. It is not necessary to coordinate content in another medium – for example with PDF documents. Instead, you can realize your ideas completely in relleumSystem. Already in the creation phase your smart content can be viewed and tested on the iPad with all its interactions, so you can get a feeling for the finished content. Time and cost-intensive coordination with external technical service providers, who then need time and money for the implementation again, are a thing of the past thanks to relleumSystem.

No or little investment

With relleumSystem you do not need an expensive sales licence or cost-intensive further education of your employees or a proof of qualification. We have made the software so easy that anyone who can operate an image editing program can create and deliver smart digital content!
You benefit from a much shorter workflow (working and voting directly in the medium iPad).

With relleumSystem you save your company the costs for expensive special software, complex trainings and can market apps and other smart content directly instead of being bound to the App Store.

Already with the free version of relleumSystem you can realize many creative ideas. To keep the entry threshold as low as possible, the documentation and all tutorials are freely accessible. For those who want to use the full potential of relleumSystem, we offer attractive subscription models with monthly cancellation options.

The low entry threshold, the newly gained independence from external service providers and the incredibly short time in which you can create and deliver attractive content save you time and money! If you let your customers partially profit from this advantageous cost situation, you will easily outpace your more expensive competitors. In addition, you can tap into new customer groups for which solutions from conventional providers would be uneconomical.

Development of new customer groups

Speaking of new customer groups: Due to the speed, the easy changeability, the low implementation effort and the low running costs, digital solutions on iPads with relleumSystem become interesting for a huge target group, which could not be developed so far: The small and medium-sized companies!

This is where enormous potential lies dormant, because many companies want an innovative and contemporary public image, but have so far been afraid of the costs of common solutions and service providers. Many of these companies only now dare to take the step towards digital transformation.

Win these customers and accompany them successfully on this way – with relleumSystem!
Solutions that are economically interesting for this group of customers, offer innovative possibilities and functions, are useful in customer meetings and can be seamlessly integrated into the existing digital infrastructure of your customers, are hardly available so far.

Independence from external service providers

In the conventional app development process for iPadOS, briefings from and coordination with external service providers are often very time and cost intensive. As a rule, it is better to have the technical service provider on board during the conception of the content as well, so that you do not promise your customer anything that your service provider cannot deliver.
relleumSystem frees you from this dependency and makes you your own “implementer”. The possibilities we offer you for the realization of your creative ideas and the ideas of your customers are illustrated in an easy to understand way in the corresponding tools, so that you yourself have a feeling for what is and what is not realizable. relleumSystem gives you this overview, which was previously only available to technology experts, and thus supports you significantly in finding ideas for the realization of customer wishes!

With relleumSystem the added value stays 100% in your company!

With relleumSystem it is not necessary for you as a content creator to buy additional expertise! Anyone who can create images or graphics on his own is able to create digital content that is as appealing as it is complex with relleumSystem. This way the added value of a project remains 100% within your company!