Finding solutions together instead of conventional presentation

No matter where your target group is – with the relleumSystem you can start a conversation LIVE anywhere and anytime, without internet connection and on multiple tablets.

You are always ready for action wherever you are: distribute iPads, share content and get started. You are always in control and guide through the documents. relleumSystem creates its own network and is independent from WLAN and Internet.

You control the documents via your tablet, everybody else can see on their own tablets what you are doing on your tablet. You can react relaxed to the facial expressions and gestures of your participants in a natural conversation situation. Such a natural conversation situation was not possible with digital documents until now.

Now it is possible to determine the needs of my counterpart and to respond to them individually. relleumSystem helps here with additional information for the person leading the conversation, such as a conversation guide, benefit argumentation or objection handling. The documents adapt automatically to the identified needs of the conversation partner, so that only relevant content is displayed.

But relleumSystem can do even more: relleumSystem integrates all participants interactively, e.g. via sliders or switches. The participants can influence the further course of the conversation in their own interest.

This is real consultative selling. Everyone can communicate their wishes and needs equally and thus optimal solutions can be found. The discussion leader is always competent and can respond to all objections.

All inputs can be logged and used for further predictive marketing. In addition, the experiences from this conversation, e.g. data from an AI, can be made available to all others in the team in order to be at least as successful in similar situations.

The relleumSystem is the smart revolution in marketing!

With the relleumSystem you can open up completely new possibilities!

Just try it out.