Funneling und performance marketing

Are you sure you can’t hear it anymore?

First it was the SEO wave, now the funnel and performance marketing avalanche is rolling over us!

But funnel strategies and technologies are not a panacea. The overemphasis on the supposed importance of appropriate measures is simply a fad.

Of course, funnel strategies are part of a good marketing and sales mix in your internet presence – but please make sure they have the right value!

And there is one thing you should not do under any circumstances: use the funnel euphoria to forget the huge potentials that are carelessly “left behind” in face-to-face situations with poor presentations and mediocre digital content. After all, many companies are still helplessly trying to make salespeople and POS salespeople fit for the increasingly dynamic business world with antiquated static documents etc.

Conventional paper or linear digital documents are simply outdated in times of digital transformation and Economy 4.0: Modern customers rightly expect to have all information permanently at their fingertips, to receive prompt and competent answers to specific questions and to be presented with constructive suggestions for solutions “in real time”.

You will hardly be able to meet these expectations with paper documents, conventional presentations, static digital documents and the like!

And the World Wide Web, with the help of which the majority of the “more intelligent” systems feign dynamics and reactivity, is not always there either – after all, not everything takes place on the Internet or the necessary bandwidth is simply not available.

But it is not only the problem of dependence on antiquated documents or a reliable local infrastructure that is still not solved. Moreover, when using traditional analogue or digital documents, your conversation partner will never become an active part of the conversation.

So let’s start a new era of modern digital marketing materials together today!

With relleumSystem the dependence on static documents and the availability of fast internet is over!

With the smart digital content replacing antiquated marketing documents we put people back in the center of the conversation – both in the role of the conversation leader and as active conversational partners instead of passive listeners!

Increase the conversation experience with relleumSystem!

In contrast to your competitors, don’t just make great efforts at the point of sale to increase the shopping experience, but increase sales and profits by applying this model to products that need explanation and are not tied to a specific location!

The future is: more and sustainable success with relleumSystem!