Position paper relleumSystem

What is relleumSystem?

relleumSystem is a SaaS solution for creating sales and marketing materials for the iPad. relleumSystem is suitable for a wide range of applications, from marketing presentations to new kinds of point-of-sale documents and games. relleumSystem uses the full potential of an iPad!

relleumSystem is the perfect addition to any CRM system!

CRM systems are highly specialized in the processing of customer data, but provide discussion documents for the important sales moment only in the simplest basic representation (HTML/PDF, mostly linear). relleumSystem transfers the high quality of a CRM system into marketing documents.

More customer engagement!

relleumSystem enriches the overall appearance with new features and innovative sales aids. The customer can be integrated interactively into the conversation, which leads to a much higher customer engagement.

Possible applications of the relleumSystem

  • Digital marketing documents in customer talks
  • New Point of Sale experience
  • At the fair for effective digital documents
  • Education and training including knowledge assurance
  • Gamification also over several iPads, e.g. quiz with 4 iPads and a moderator, where the participants only see your question and a push button. A connection to a large screen/beamer is integrated.
  • Market research fast and easy during the conversation
  • Enabling comprehensive consultative selling: Recording and evaluating needs, whereby documents and texts are automatically adapted to the solution
  • Supporting sales functions can be used immediately: Conversation guide, objection handling and additional information can be displayed at the right time (Guided Consultative Selling)

Key Features

Smart Content Interactive iOS UI elements Dynamic adjustment during the call Automation through AI / logic during the call Visual Designer for Layout Low code editor for logic and simple programming LUA code for access to full functionality
Live Content Sharing Local content sharing without Internet and local infrastructure (WLAN) between nearby iPads
Whiteboard Mode Annotations are visible on all devices simultaneously Full Apple Pencil support Advanced laser pointer function
Guided Mode Additional information adapted to the current situation is available for the discussion leader
External Connection REST API usable in LUA code OAuth prepared for different systems
Tracking & Analytics Automatic or individual (optionally anonymous) tracking of interactions on host and clients Access to raw data via REST API
PDF generation Generation of PDF documents from displayed content with whiteboard annotations or dynamically via LUA code Use the Apple Share feature to save or send