Smart content in action

Smart content created with relleumSystem is clever and dynamically adapts to scenarios you define!

Smart adaptation of your documents during customer appointments for a more successful conversation

Your smart content reacts to your and your interlocutors’ input or reactions and thus guides your presentations purposefully and efficiently in a successful direction by automatically showing or hiding options or information that are particularly or not relevant for the concrete conversation due to the previous course of events.
You can “teach” this “smart behaviour” to your contents with the relleumSystem FlowDesigner without any programming knowledge. For this purpose, relleumSystem gives you with FlowDesigner a powerful low code editor, which offers you all possibilities!

A typical reaction to inputs is e.g. the determination of further parameters, like the price range, which your conversation partner will not exceed. With relleumSystem you can collect this information inconspicuously by asking questions.

During the call your smart content adapts to such specifications: For example, if your customer has a “pain threshold” of 1.000 €, it would not make sense to present him numerous goods and services with a price of more than 2.000 € for the further conversation. The same applies to any other parameters: For example, if you want to sell a customer bicycles, his taste and other preferences play a role: Should it be more classic or sporty? With electric drive or without? Or only certain colours? Once collected, relleumSystem processes such preferences automatically and in the background; your smart digital content adapts imperceptibly to the wishes and ideas of your customer.

As a result, you only present your dialogue partner with offers that are tailored to his preferences. A certain amount of frustration and the feeling that your offer fits to others in general is a thing of the past!

The more focused your conversations are with the discreet help of relleumSystem, the more “understood” your customer feels. By focusing the conversation on the essentials you have more time for personal contact and customer-oriented micro-marketing:

With relleumSystem you can filter out all content from your marketing documents that does not fit from the beginning. You can “pick up” your customer better according to his needs and together you will reach your goal faster!
With relleumSystem, calculations and configurations can be done directly at the object – without having to rely on a special infrastructure or being location-bound.

A new car sale can serve as an example:

Traditionally, the customer first makes his “rounds through the showroom” before discussing the details with the salesperson at his desk. Only there, supported by his stationary PC system, can the salesperson come up with concrete prices and the latest equipment options, make corresponding offers and inform the customer in full.
Wouldn’t it be great in this situation to be able to discuss the individual configuration and explanation of relevant details directly “at the object” and possibly even with the help of films or animations? And what would your impact be if smart content could additionally tailor this information unobtrusively but specifically and for the entire duration of the conversation to the individual customer? In this way, more high-quality extras could be sold, the sense and necessity of which you could vividly demonstrate to your customer in order to increase their satisfaction and your turnover!
Take a retired couple, for example, who would like to buy a car “without a lot of frills” because they think that cooled and heated seats or a cup holder are unnecessary “frippery”.

The fact that modern vehicle safety, including radar sensors and automatic emergency braking systems, on the other hand, are particularly helpful and, if necessary, can save lives, especially for this customer group in the ever heavier traffic, is at best difficult to convey at a desk and only with the help of the surcharge lists.
An explanation of a front radar and the safety that can result from it, even in case of decreasing attention or unclear traffic situations – especially in connection with side and lane change assistance systems that avoid collisions – would be useful for this target group. This representation is different from that for the businessman who, after a hard day’s work, is more interested in relief systems or who is interested in technical data or the closest possible proximity to autonomous driving.

You can anticipate such individual dispositions, interests and needs with your smart contents in the relleumSystem. In this way, all sales employees automatically come to the same positive result through the reaction of your customers to unobtrusive questions that are asked during the conversation. In doing so, relleumSystem supports you unobtrusively for the customer by letting only the presenter see e.g. questions or topics he has to work on. In our concrete example, you could ask the salesperson’s assessment whether the customers are older and rather non-technical, what their priorities are, e.g. whether the vehicle should be rather inexpensive, have a nice interior or even offer luxury or have special functionalities. With your salesperson’s answers to these simple questions, the entire presentation changes automatically and according to the specifications that you or your marketing consultants have developed. Not only is the content shown tailored to the wishes of the target group, but also extras “with the appropriate customer approach” or audio-visual content tailored to the respective group are presented in a better way, making them easier to sell or even easier to sell in the first place.

These examples can be extended as desired, for example from upper class cars with business equipment to the same car with individual colour and seat leather. There is a lot of untapped potential here that salespeople very often don’t even realize, so they don’t offer many equipment options – and unoffered options are missed opportunities for your business or give other car dealerships with smart salespeople a competitive edge.
Another form of smart content is the automatic execution of calculations that only have an impact on further progress, or a graphical visualization of inputs.

Data Driven Content should also not be neglected: Either data is entered into the system from outside, such as individual customer data. Your smart content then automatically adjusts to these specifications for the entire further conversation and only shows what matches the stored parameters.

In this way, an AI that comes from the CRM can have an influence right up to the individual sales talk. Of course, data can be collected during the conversation and fed back to the AI in order to optimize the course of the conversation and thus improve your results by means of a permanent analysis of the conversation that automatically accompanies all processes.