Smart Content

What do we understand by smart content?

Smart means for us that content can react individually to changing requirements.

The needs of the customer should be quickly determined at the beginning of a conversation so that the conversation can concentrate exclusively on the solution of the determined customer requirements.

Smart content can do this because it contains built-in logic or, if desired, can be connected to external systems (e.g. AI), which then provide the optimal solution to the customer’s problem.

This enables true consultative selling, not only in the sales meeting but also at the POS.

But Smarter Content does even more: It provides the conversation guide with additional information such as conversation guidelines, benefit arguments or objection handling at any time.

The aim is to ensure that the discussion guide always has an information lead and is not shaken by anything.

Smarter Content is able to store information for later use either within the documents (variables) or as supplementary information on user behavior in the CRM (event-oriented tracking).

Smarter Content can now be designed like a stand-alone app. The technical background is provided by the relleumSystem – you provide the great ideas!