The revolution in marketing

With relleumSystem you can use your iPad with all its advantages and technical possibilities for the first time as a full-fledged conversation tool!
By being able to prepare your documents intelligently and interactively, relleumSystem brings together the best of the analog and digital world for your successful meetings!

More individual and interactive conversations
On site, every contact person has all documents individually at hand. Of course you can decide which information your partners should and should not see. For example, you can display a “conversation guide”, company information or conversation destinations only on your iPad and not share them. This is where the Guided Consultative Selling of relleumSystem supports you.
After finishing the conversation you decide which parts of the content you want to share with your partners. With relleumSystem the time of documents forgotten by the customer is over!
During the presentation your partners are actively involved – and with relleumSystem they change from passive listeners to active partners and become part of your presentation!
Such an interactive “information presentation” ranks far ahead of any classical frontal presentation in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. You get in contact and communicate much more intensively with your partners. This way the attention of your “listeners” is permanently maintained, you get spontaneous feedback and with relleumSystem you can react directly to questions, suggestions and wishes!
relleumSystem frees you as a discussion leader from the role of the “solo entertainer” who fights for the attention of his audience and at the same time emancipates your participants from a collective passive audience to individual active discussion partners.
relleumSystem brings back the normal conversation position! Finally you can sit opposite each other relaxed again during a digital presentation. This way relleumSystem increases the intensity of the conversation, generates higher awareness of the participants, promotes lasting memories of what was discussed – and means more goal achievement and economic success for you!

relleumSystem – no more complicated than traditional presentation software or paper
Using relleumSystem is not more complicated than using conventional presentation software or paper!
Content prepared with relleumSystem feels as natural on the iPad as on paper after a short time. The handling is similarly simple. Like with printed handouts each participant has his “own” document in his hand. Nevertheless, you are in control just like with conventional presentation software. The handling of content created with relleumSystem is not more complicated than using conventional presentation software!

relleumSystem – the conference room you always have with you
With relleumSystem you can experience digital content with your partners offline at any place in the world on several iPads, so you always have the conference room in your briefcase. You have the same functionality as in a fully equipped conference room. Furthermore, you can also integrate all participants interactively.
In relleumSystem there is also a whiteboard integrated, which you and your conversation partners can access to point out special features or make notes. In contrast to conventional presentations, you are no longer bound to a specific location. You can conduct complex conversations with the technology you are familiar with at customers’ premises, on the train, in a hotel, at a training course or even in the forest or the Alps!

The revolution does not only take place in the presentation, but far before that!
With relleumSystem you are able to easily create smart content and deliver it to the iPads of a closed user group. This smart content can access the sensors including the camera of the iPad, calculate values, memorize things and react interactively to inputs or follow-up screens during the presentation. relleumSystem realized the full power of your iPad for communication with your partners. No other integrated system could do this before!
Due to the versatility and performance of relleumSystem, the use of mobile technology becomes for the first time not a brake pad but the motor of your great ideas! With relleumSystem you master the technology instead of the technology mastering you: You create sophisticated interactive content in a playful way with the graphical relleumDesigner – without the need of special programming skills. More complex tasks can be easily solved with the popular programming language LUA.

The revolution also takes place “below the surface
Modern companies require a wide range of information for their planning and operational business. Effective and efficient business intelligence is essential for your success in the digitalised world.
With conventional documents you can at best recognize the quality of your marketing strategy and the performance of your employees with a considerable time delay based on sales figures – relleumSystem gives you the necessary feedback quasi in real time when your employees connect to the internet via iPad! At the same time you always keep control over the collected and sent data – protected by the proven security architecture of the iPad!
With relleumSystem you collect meaningful data during every conversation instead of conducting lengthy employee surveys or commissioning elaborate marketing surveys from external service providers. You would normally have to wait for their results and analysis.
With relleumSystem you can record the concrete conduct of each customer conversation by your employees and at the same time the reaction of the conversation partners.
This smart feature can even replace a part of the cumbersome visit protocol by your sales force. While your employees are thus relieved and can concentrate on their actual tasks, relleumSystem provides you with marketing relevant data from all conducted conversations, which you or your service providers can evaluate with Big Data applications.
Thanks to relleumSystem you can optimize the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and its implementation by your employees and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors!