Whiteboard function

What is the relleumSystem whiteboard?

Above each content of the relleumSystem a whiteboard can be displayed, on which you and your conversation partners can draw, sketch, paint and write with different pens.
The special feature is: Once “painted”, the whiteboard can be retained on demand, so that you can always return to the previously made handwritten notes etc. during a conversation, e.g. to recall an already discussed point, to add something to a common protocol or to simply use the whiteboard as “topic memory” for questions and requests.

At the end of the conversation you can export the current status of the content together with all whiteboard contents as a PDF and send it to your conversation partners, your company or to other people via the share function of your iPad, via AirDrop or as an email.

The application possibilities of the Whiteboard are unlimited:
For example, in the construction industry, handwritten changes to existing plans or new sketches are often made in meetings between the representatives of the individual trades, the architect and the client in order to clarify design options or to define requirements.

Because the relleumSystem can also process large PDFs and seamlessly enlarge or reduce them, even complex building plans can be commented, provided with sketches of changes etc.
In general, presentations on any topic can be discussed more easily, effectively and efficiently.

This is possible even in places where there is no internet or local network: in the hotel, in the car or train, even in the Alps!
Every participant can sketch his ideas on the whiteboard in real time and visible for everyone else

At the end of the meeting, simply send the content together with the whiteboard annotations of all participants as a PDF to your partners without delay!
In this way, the relleumSystem and the whiteboard function help you to create more interactive, productive and successful discussions!

To use these advantages, you only need a user license or a relleumSystem account to create the content and present it to your conversation partners. Any number of people can participate in a relleumSystem meeting interactively.